Sarah Simon

Sarah’s favourite place to be is trekking, doesn’t matter where, mountains, gorges, forests…

She has an intrinsic love of nature and spends hours walking and exploring. She is extremely well travelled and is genuinely a happy chatty sort.

If you to like to walk, please go online:

Sarah lives in the Granite Cottage behind these apartments; all are welcome to visit as she has a duck sanctuary in the garden.

Please remember to close the gate if you wish to visit the ducks. If it is springtime, the male ducks maybe a bit frisky. Watch out for Cosmo! he may nip your ankles, he can’t hurt you so please don’t hurt him, he is just being friendly or he fancy’s your shoes.

(Please do not feed these ducks bread, they don’t like it! They will however eat cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. They love meal worms!)